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3 Easy Steps for auto financing with Bad Credit

Auto Finance Alberta is committed to getting you the lowest possible rates for good and bad credit auto financing. We offer bad credit auto financing in Alberta, affordable monthly payments and our fast 3 step process. Our team of trained auto financing experts will assist you throughout. You are in the right place for Alberta auto financing.

Step 1 – Get Approved for Financing

If you happen to have bad credit score and are looking for auto financing you will find our simple and fast financing application. We don't discriminate people based on their credit scores who are seeking auto financing. We firmly believe that every person should have access to the new or used auto that best suits their needs, regardless of good or bad credit. Most of our financing customers are driving their new used auto the same or next day. We specialize in bad credit auto financing.

Step 2 – Choose your Auto

Auto Finance Alberta carries an extensive inventory of quality used autos. Depending on the auto you are looking for we will provide you with a wide selection of autos to choose from. If we don't have the auto you are after in stock, we provide free sourcing with our auto financing. Auto sourcing is where we use our automotive network to locate the auto you want. Sourcing is especially helpful when it comes to those hard to find used autos. You can also buy an auto from someone else and we can provide the auto financing. Auto Finance Alberta only sells certified used vehicles. Any used auto you buy from us is inspected by a government approved mechanic. Once certified, we then put our used vehicles through a second test to catch any minor issues before financing.

Step 3 – Start Driving

Once financing is complete then all you have to do is drive. An Auto Finance Alberta expert is there to guide you through the financing process. Take the first step with our fast credit application for auto financing.

Good and Bad Credit

Auto Finance Alberta provide good and bad credit auto financing. When financial troubles leave you with bad credit, you can rely on us...

Bad Credit and Auto Loans

You have a reliable and efficient auto finance solution with Auto Finance Alberta. We can help you step into your new used auto...

Get Qualified Today

Instead of freaking out because you have bad credit and need a new used auto, consider Auto Finance Alberta. We take the stress out of used auto finance...

Guaranteed Approval

Even if you have been turned down before it is always worth a call. We usually get people who have been turned down elsewhere, approved fast....

Auto Financing Tips

Some bad credit auto financing tips by Auto Finance Alberta. You may find these financing tips helpful when applying for an auto loan with poor or bad credit. Here are 5 auto financing tips:

Be realistic when Financing

When you have bad credit it is advisable you to stick with a vehicle that fits into your budget allowing you to easily pay it off. Auto Financing Alberta offers credit rebuilding programs to help improve your credit while driving the vehicle you want and desperately need for everyday activities. Be realistic about the type of vehicle you want to buy when financing.

Ask questions when Financing

Whenever you feel like you didn't quite understand a concept or term don't be afraid to ask questions. Our financing experts have decades of expertise in auto financing and sales. We are here to support and guide you and we want you to know and understand the details of your financing. Auto Finance Alberta specialists want to ultimately help you save as much money as possible and become a repeat customer.

Interest rates and bad credit

Interest rates are a touchy topic for some people. Different financing companies decipher bad credit in different ways. Basically it boils down to a person's FICO score which is generated by the major credit bureaus. The FICO scores range from 300 to 900. If a FICO score goes below a certain number (varies by lender) then a person is considered to have bad credit. Bad credit can be terribly difficult and it can seem impossible to get financing. However, with our experts guiding you to your desired end result, we can keep interest rates as low as possible. We have our process down to an art and simple to understand. In any case, rates are primarily influenced by how bad someone’s credit is and their ability to pay.

Think Ahead

Auto loans usually have lower rates personal loans. Bad credit auto financing is a great way to help turn bad credit into good. Cars don’t last forever and our bad credit customers who have improved their credit enjoy preferred rates and instant pre approval. We have a lot of repeat low interest rate customers who originally started out with bad credit auto financing.

Do a quick budget

Before applying for financing put together a quick budget to see what you actually can afford every month. Be sure to factor in auto insurance, gas and regular maintenance. Know exactly what monthly payment range you can afford.

Bad credit shouldn't hold you back from getting the used auto you need and deserve...